New stuff

Aight.. we’ve got some new stuff.. We played the ‘Orkaan van het Oosten’ final.. and we got a video of it! We also have a video of our recording session at Roy’s Kitchen! In our live video we’re playing ‘Hollywood Holocaust’ and in our recording video we’re playing our classic ‘Moonlight Massacre’.

Hollywood Holocaust – Live finale Orkaan van het Oosten 02-06-12

Moonlight Massacre (Recording Roy’s Kitchen)

Orkaan van het Oosten

Aight people, last friday we played the gig at the ‘Orkaan van het Oosten’ competition. And. We got through to the final! It was a good show and at first we lost, but then we got the wildcard! So this sunday it’s recording time, and we’ll be playing in ‘Openlucht theater’ in Eibergen, June the 2th! So be sure to also check us there!

A video from last friday.. Playing Mannequin Smile


Finally we’re going to hit the stages with an all new Scar7. Together with our new members Michel, Timo and Roel we’re going to tear down these places. Be sure to check us at Oerkroeg Schiller in Aalten the 11th of May. And we’re once more invited to play Metalpest at De Engelenbak in Doetinchem the 26rd of May!

New website

Time for something new again. New band = new website!

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